Herta Training Program

Building the expertise to drive business results

Video Content

Hear how a Herta technical expert explains our own products, to improve your ability to deliver them to your own customers.



Detailed information of Herta products and technology, in PDF form.



How-to videos of Herta products with practical demonstrations that are easy to learn and apply.

Why should I enroll?

Herta Training Program is an online training site for our partners and end users, accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world.

  • Receive a Digital Certificate recognizing your expertise in Facial Recognition and Herta Solutions.
  • Access to the latest learning content on Facial Recognition, Deep Learning Technology and Herta products, provided by our best-in-class Herta R&D Team.
  • Discounted rates on Herta Enterprise Support Agreements (HES) due to lower dependency – Solve it yourself culture.
  • Ensure more reliable and faster project execution in your real-life installations.
  • Sustain good results with your end-customer.
  • Lower cost of learning.
  • Self-paced learning.

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